The left takes a liking to Swiss luxury watches

eine elegante Luxusuhr von Patek Philippe
The charisma of a Patek Philippe captivates many people. (Image: media service)

Leftists usually have little to do with capitalism and consumption. But they discover the sense of Swiss luxury watches and even explain the boom.

Who would have thought that the left would once again acquire a taste for Swiss luxury watches.

“Young people are not only gathering around the demolition edge of Lützerath, but also around the Rolex GMT-Master II,” noted the left-wing magazine “Der Spiegel” in its latest issue.

Price increases 70 percent

Luxury watches have been experiencing a crazy trend for a few years, it continued. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there is a real boom, as also already reported.

The brands that are hotly traded, new and used, are Patek Philippe, Jaeger-Le-Coultre, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Tudor, Richard Mille, Cartier, IWC or Omega, the German paper continued.

According to the Chrono24 platform, prices have risen by around 70 percent over the past two years and almost half of all purchase inquiries in the luxury segment come from people under the age of 35, marveled the capitalism mongers from the Hamburg-based magazine.

World comes to a standstill

But what accounts for its popularity and why are more and more people buying a Swiss luxury watch instead of damaging a painting somewhere as a climate activist or occupying an open-cast coal mine in the German community of Lützerath?

With Swiss luxury watches, one has the feeling that in the fast-moving world there is something that outlasts every hype, the author noted. With the noble tickers, the desire for consistency is served, it was also stated.

In a world where news is constantly pouring in, and which seems to be literally going crazy, luxury watches from Patek Philippe, via their legendary Nautilus & Co. with their mechanical movements, radiate a certain calm, which is transmitted to their owners.

New status symbols

But the research also revealed, for example in a conversation with advertising icon Jean-Remy von Matt, that in the past the car had been the quintessential sign of wealth. One was not allowed to drive up in the wrong vehicle.

However, this fact has now completely disappeared from society, and this cult must be replaced. Obviously, luxury watches are making inroads with younger people, most of whom no longer want to own a car anyway.

Even the “Spiegel” author is panting after the “MoonSwatch” from the Swatch Group, whose popularity was also reported by, throughout Europe.

Rolex as the normal state

According to “Der Spiegel,” the hype among young people can also be explained by the fact that there is brutal pressure about the omnipresence of luxury watches all over Instagram. This leads young people to the false idea that it is normal to own a Rolex.

The many photos featuring fake watches even increases this pressure.

Long-term thinking

On top of that, the head of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann, told the paper that the fate of watches is more or less the soul, i.e. it is passed on from grandfather to father and then on to the next generation.

Luxury, he said, meant that the emotions remained and that the love for luxury watches would not last long if the products were not good.

“The luxury industry is about long-term inspiration. People see a watch and make a resolution to buy it at some point,” the Omega CEO explained.

Less electrical waste

And finally, “Der Spiegel” also noted that on the one hand, there are people who are downright fascinated by luxury tickers. Other people, on the other hand, would leave the profession completely cold.

In the end, however, the left-wing paper even advertised the industry, and the article does not seem at all like a critique of capitalism.

If one thinks of those mountains of e-waste with battery watches, so the mechanical watches are even ecologically top, the article praised luxury watches.

In addition, there is the fact that things that last are ultimately most important.


The left takes a liking to Swiss luxury watches

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