Swiss Post scores second crypto stamp coup

Crypto stamps expand collectors options (Image: Media Service)

Swiss Post has seen another success with its crypto stamps. The state-owned company apparently learned the right lessons from the sale of the first series.

The Post has claimed a new triumph with the sale of crypto stamps. After the successful launch of a first series in November 2021, the state-owned company started selling a second series of crypto stamps on Monday of this week and can show respectable results.

Around 200,000 copies have currently been sold, a Post media spokeswoman reported on Friday in response to a corresponding request.

Happy reaction

The sentiment was echoed largely for the second series, she said. Thousands of the new crypto stamps were already sold in the first few hours of Monday morning, the spokeswoman continued to rejoice.

On Wednesday, the Post was able to look back on the impressive number of around 190,000 copies sold. The current issue of the crypto stamps was issued in cooperation with the Locarno Film Festival and short video clips can be accessed via the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Big rush in the post shop (image: z.V.g)

However, this time the sale was not without difficulties. Interested parties had to try again and again for several hours to see whether the Postshop was even able to accept their orders. Frustrated, many kept looking at a screen that only said there was  ‘a large crowd’ (see picture).

If all this proved too tedious for you, you could still comfortably have bought crypto stamps in selected post offices up until late Monday afternoon.  (compare second picture).

Crypto stamps in colorful envelopes at the post office counter (Image: z.V.g).

But Swiss Post had prepared for the situation and learned a lot from the mega-sales success of their first series of crypto stamps. So this time Post increased the circulation from 175,000 to 250,000 copies. In addition, Swiss Post has expanded its technical capacity in the online post shop so that everyone who wants to buy a crypto stamp can get one as soon as possible.

systems overload

According to the media spokeswoman, the measures taken have borne fruit, because the web shop was partly overloaded shortly after the start of sales at half past seven. However, this time there was ‘no total blockade,’ the state-owned company said. It looks as if many customers have been waiting for the start of sales of the second crypto stamp, hence the latest trend.

As an interim conclusion, the Post said: «We are pleased that the second crypto stamp also seems to be a complete success».

Successful transformation

In any case, it is remarkable that the Swiss Post, with its crypto offering, was able to shed the outdated image of stamp collecting as boring and is now playing at the forefront of the digital world.

Of course, it takes several attempts to find exactly the right amount of demand for a new product like crypto stamps. And at some point the online post shop will no longer reach its limits in the face of a very large rush.


Swiss Post scores second crypto stamp coup

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