Basel’s disease spills over to Zurich

Strange signs now popping up in Zurich. (Image: z.V.g.)

Basel is not only known for its pharmaceutical industry or Basler Läckerli, but the city also gives talk because it distributes signs everywhere. Now this ‘disease’ is also proliferating in Zurich.

The cities of Basel and Zurich like to be competitors. For example, when a high-rise is built in one place, it usually doesn’t take long for a taller building to appear in the other city. But now Zurich is emulating Basel’s competitiveness in a completely different respect.

As and also “20 Minuten” and even the venerable “NZZ” reported, the city on the knee of the Rhine is namely suffering from a sign disease.

Disfiguring the cityscape

Regulations and notices, as well as a lot of trivial things, are haphazardly  distributed via large posters across the city disturbing the cityscape.

Now such signs are suddenly appearing in Zurich as well, according to research by For example, the Zurich city police are warning cyclists not to drink too much alcohol.

Thus, not only in Basel, but now also in Zurich, valuable tax money is wasted on such useless and ugly signage.


Basel’s disease spills over to Zurich

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