Hurricane Ian suddenly also gives hope to millions

Kuba USA Infrastruktur Spitäler Hilfe Annäherung Aufbau Hurrikan
The infrastructure in Cuba is quite run down. (Image: David Mark / pixabay)

Hurricanes are usually known only for destruction and suffering. But Ian may succeed in doing something that has been impossible for decades.

What humans have failed to do for decades, Hurricane Ian could now succeed in doing, as it currently ravages America. The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has received an extraordinary request.

It concerns the country of Cuba, which was hit hard by the tropical cyclone. Several people lost their lives and the communist country’s power supply was almost completely destroyed.

Strange step

Now, among others, the “Wall Street Journal” reported over the weekend that there is an unusual correspondence between the actually hostile nations.

According to the report, Cuba has asked the United States of America for help. The destruction caused by the hurricane was so horrific that the government in Havana asked for emergency assistance from the U.S., the report said, citing access to the correspondence.

However, the paper, which is regularly well informed, reported that the extent of the devastation had not been specified and that no concrete amount of aid had been given.

No more way out

The non-friendly states would now coordinate concrete needs, the business newspaper wrote. Russia’s war with Ukraine is cited as a possible reason for Cuba’s unusual request, as Moscow can hardly come to Havana’s aid regarding  the Cuban electricity crisis at the moment.

However, the Americans have reportedly made it clear that they would only support hospitals, water pumping stations, sanitation and other critical infrastructure if cooperation were to occur.

The Biden administration ultimately left the Caribbean nation on the list of terrorist countries that former U.S. President Donald Trump once placed it on.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Thus, despite all the suffering, the hurricane also indirectly brings something good. The emergency situation could bring about what for decades seemed unattainable for millions. There is talk of the prospect of a better life.

The newspaper even quotes a U.S. scientist who called the request by the communists from Havana to the United States an “historic step.”

But, it is not only for millions of people in Cuba that there is light at the end of the tunnel of their arduous lives. There is also some hope for Switzerland and the Swiss economy.

Switzerland can hope

The run-down country needs virtually everything and so Swiss companies can hope for some good business. Especially in the areas of emergency aid,  described by the U.S.A., Swiss companies offer excellent products.

In addition, after the reconstruction the Caribbean country with its improved infrastructure should prove to be an attractive destination for numerous tourists from Switzerland.

Valuable information

The conditions for all of this are promising, as Switzerland has always maintained good diplomatic relations with the regime in Havana and Switzerland’s reputation is strong. In addition, there is a local office of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) that can provide useful information on conditions on the ground as well as on the specific needs of the country.

And looking at the reconstruction of all that destruction caused by hurricane Ian, which is currently estimated at around 50 billion dollars, it is not only a hope for millions of Cubans, but also a hope for millions worldwide, so to speak, because still in many places of the U.S.A. the infrastructure also has to be completely rebuilt.


Hurricane Ian suddenly also gives hope to millions

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